Banners are a popular form of advertising on the Internet. They can be of two types: static and animated. We produce all kinds of banners depending on clients’ wish. It can be an advertisement of the whole company, a specific product or service etc.

The main goal of the banner is usually a sale of a product or increasing а brand awareness. Keep in mind that Internet users do not always click on the banners, but at least see them very often. Therefore it is important that the banner have a good influence on the user and create a favorable impression about the company.

It is better to create animated banners to improve the efficiency. However, the animation should be of high quality, in that case the probability to attract the client’s attention is higher in comparison with a static image. It’s better to make the animation not more than 5 seconds of duration otherwise only few users watch the ads till the end. But it was the aim of the banner to deliver advertisement to as many users as possible. Also, you should not use too much text on the banner so that the users could read all the words even if they didn’t have an intention.

To estimate the effectiveness of the banner ads various parameters are used such as the number of banners’ demonstration or referring to the site. There is also an index of CTR (Click Through Ratio), which represents the ratio of the number of clicks on the banner to the number of banner displays. Currently, the banner is considered to fulfill its function in case it has 1-3% CTR. If it is less, then the banner can be considered as insufficient.

To summarize, we can say that banners are a popular kind of advertisement on the Internet, and like any other advertisement, it must be of good quality. That's why it's so important to entrust banner making to specialists, but at the same time make sure that the ads doesn’t hurt the company's reputation.