The development of complex Flash applications

Many of internet users get used to take flash as a means for banner producing. But it differs completely in reality. Besides that interactive multimedia applications can be created by means of flash, it also allows to make convenient and maximally sufficient means of sale.

Let’s analyze an example of one of the applications made by our studio: flash constructor of sliding door wardrobes. The advantage of this application consists in ability of the constructor to be integrated to any site. In order to make it, the user must register, add the cost of materials and setting-up then and paste the code to his site. Once the constructor was integrated on the site, the potential customer may be able to assemble the configuration of the future cabinet by his own and instantly find out the price.

Let’s imagine the situation when you are an importer of materials and components for sliding door wardrobes. You can give a link to your application to your dealer, who will be able to assume construction costs, as well as to see its markup.

Even if you are an ordinary furniture manufacturer, imagine how much time you can save on these calculations? The calculation time of one cabinet takes approximately 20 minutes, and a customer still may not order your product. According to this statistics, in one eight-hour day, you may count up to 15-20 wardrobes. With the help of our application you can figure out the cost of 20 cabinets in about 1 hour 40 minutes, if you spend 5 minutes to configure one cabinet.

Thus, flash applications are not only easy in use, but they can also increase the productivity of your employees, and, therefore, increase the number of the clients served.