Support and site redesigning

As modern technologies are developing sites are in need of constant updates and support. Site visitors have to see that the site is up-to-date and supported. In this case they won’t have doubts about prices, addresses and legal properties. Every visitor having entered the site and seen the news dated two years ago will doubt actuality of production prices’ catalog and the company existence at all.

We can’t stop and freeze the actual moment... everything is constantly changing and developing. The same, the site has to change and grow up together with the company. It can be a new product, advertising campaign or a big event inside the company. All this is interesting to your permanent clients and may attract new customers. That’s why it is so important to have all the events and changes within the company on the site covered. In this case your customers will be confident that by visiting the website, they will always be able to find fresh news or what action they can participate in now.

Do not forget that the site is a face of the company on the Internet. It is very important that the site maintain the reputation of the company at the high level, and therefore one has to watch over it. In addition to the website content, the technological actuality of the site can’t exceed more than 2 years. As it follows, it is desirable to update the appearance of the site and its functional part every 2 years. After all, the company development may cause changing of the site. For example, if only online business card was required at the beginning, then you can think about the product catalog or a detailed description of your services later. These innovations won’t remain unnoticed by your customers.

Specialists of web studio iLab have a suitable approach to the issue of site support, its redesign or functionality upgrade. So if you decided that your site has certainly to maintain your reputation on the Internet properly, then it's time you contacted us.